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I Hate Telemarketers can help you stop unwanted calls and potentially receive compensation up to $1,500 per call or text.


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I’m getting daily calls from this number and sometimes multiple calls daily. They are harassing and rude. They refuse to tell me what “debt” they are calling about. I am so sick and tired of these telemarketing companies calling me and others that are registered with the Florida’s “Do Not Call” registry and they do it with complete immunity. Pam Bondi has refused to act on these perpetrators and allows them to operate without the fear of prosecution or even fines due to their continued breaking of the law. Stats show that Florida ranks in the top 5 if not number one in phone scams, particularly as it pertains to the elderly and Pam Bondi’s refusal to use the laws written to protect us from this kind of harassment and scams as led to the out of control situation we face now. Fire Pam Bondi and put someone in office that is willing to uphold the law and punish these companies. Maybe if she would make an example out of just one or two companies, we might see a decline in the unsolicited calls Floridians receive on a daily basis.


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