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Robocall Strike Force

For the past few years, the FCC has taken extensive measures to put an end to telemarketing harassment. U.S. consumers are receiving about 2.4 billion unwanted telemarketing calls per month, and the FCC refuses to tolerate this level of harassment.

At this point, the top complaint that the FCC receives from consumers regards unwanted telemarketing calls. They recently unveiled a new online resource to help consumers file complaints and learn how to put an end to the calls. On top of this new source of action, the FCC has hosted two meetings for the industry-led “Robocall Strike Force.”

As the name suggests, the Robocall Strike Force was formed in order to combat this ongoing problem for consumers. Industry leaders created this committee in response to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s call to action to put an end to the consumer harassment.

On October 26, 2016, the Robocall Strike Force held their second meeting, in which they discussed both short and long-term goals for combatting this problem. The main short-term concern was in educating consumers about what they can do to stop the calls. Consumers have the power to file complaints, utilize call-blocking software, and take legal action when necessary.

Robocall Strike Force will meet again in six months to assess their progress in putting an end to illegal telemarketing. Click here to visit the FCC’s new web page.

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