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I’m On the DNC. Why Do I Get Calls

to Take Political Surveys?

Election season is unavoidable. News stations are clogged with soundbites and every front page headline revolves around one candidate or another. In this time of hefty politics, another unavoidable annoyance disrupts your daily life. Political phone calls.

Unfortunately, we have some bad news. Calls on behalf of campaigns and political surveys are not considered “telemarketing” calls. This loophole allows you to be called even at the least convenient times.

Even if your name and number are on the National Do Not Call List, political surveyors and campaigners can call you. Since they are not technically selling you a product or service, they are not considered telemarketers. Your best line of defense is to politely ask to be taken off of their phone number list and hope that they follow through on your request.

If you are being bombarded with political campaigners and surveys, stay strong and ask them to stop calling. You have our deepest sympathies. Just keep your fingers crossed that the harassment stops after November 8th.

If you are experiencing harassment from telemarketers that are not political surveyors and campaigners, fill out our form to the right and we will help you put an end to the harassment.