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National Do Not Call Registry

1. What is the National Do Not Call Registry?

As the name suggests, the National Do Not Call List is a place where you can register your phone number in order to stop receiving pesky telemarketing calls.

2. Does it work?

In theory, yes. The National Do Not Call Registry exists to protect your privacy and stop harassment from telemarketers. The list is updated every 31 days, so after a month the annoying calls should cease.

3. Is anyone exempt?

Yes. Political campaigns, non-profit organizations, and pollers do not have to regard the list. But every other type of organization that engages in telemarketing tactics must adhere to the list.

4. What happens if companies ignore the list?

If a company chooses to ignore the list, they are liable to potentially be sued for their actions because they don’t have permission to be contacting anyone on the list, and harassing consumers without permission is illegal. In other words, they may have to pay a hefty fine for their actions.

5. Can I register my cellphone?

Yes. You are allowed to register your wireless phone on the list.

6. How do I get on the list?

So you want to get on the list. Here’s what you do. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is click here. Once you follow the link, there will be some straightforward instructions to get you on the National Do Not Call Registry.