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Want to end the annoying calls without even having to converse with telemarketers? Maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire.

For a certain telephone system specialist, this seemed like the obvious solution. Jolly Roger Telephone Company has invented a system that essentially holds an automated conversation with telemarketers. If you answer the phone and are connected to a telemarketers, here’s what you do:

  1. Select “add call” on your receiver.
  2. Dial in the phone number for the Jolly Roger robot at 214-666-432.
  3. Press “add call”  or “conference” depending on your telephone options.
  4. Mute your own receiver to prevent your background noise from slipping into the call.
  5. Listen, wait, set your receiver down, finish your meal, watch your tv show, talk with your family, and most importantly, return to your rudely interrupted day.
  6. Hang up whenever the telemarketer hangs up.

The robot will give generic answers and comments to the telemarketer, keeping him or her on the phone. It senses lulls in the conversation and fills the silence whenever necessary. Few telemarketers figure out that they are talking to a robot.

For more information on the genius invention that is the Jolly Roger robot, click here. You will find explanations, background information, and a few hilarious example recordings. And by all means, don’t stop messing with those pesky telemarketers.

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