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FCC Updates

On July 10, 2015, the FCC updates released included a series of new regulation decisions regarding the TCPA. Specifically, issues that have previously been considered gray areas within the act and its enforcement. In this process, they touched on the issue of SMS text messages and reiterated that any sort of message sent by a computer, or non-human device is subject to the same regulations as robocalls. SMS text messages are sent by auto-dialing systems.

Another issue that the ruling addressed was how consumers could get themselves off of dialing lists. Companies must allow practical requests of removal, such as a verbal or written request to stop being contacted, even after they have given prior consent to be contacted. Furthermore, the FCC reiterated that companies must adhere to these requests, without exception.

A new regulation has occurred, in which telemarketers get one unpenalized call to consumers who have had their numbers “reassigned” or removed from the list of acceptable consumers to contact. This allows companies to be notified verbally and have an opportunity to confirm the consumers’ wishes to not be contacted anymore.

The final new development in the ruling was the allowance of different regulations for healthcare providers and financial institutions that need to contact consumers for specific reasons such as appointment confirmations, prescription updates, suspicions of fraud, transfers of funds, and security breaches.