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Red Traffic Light

The FCC is currently kicking around the possibility of allowing certain debt collecting agencies to use autodialer technology. This type of technology could be allowed in situations that involve government-related debt (debts owed to or guaranteed by the government).

These actions that would normally violate the TCPA and FDCPA are essentially exceptions to the rules set by the same governing body that denies these actions by private companies. However, this exception does still apply to private agencies, granted they are contacting consumers because of a government debt.

A few questions about this new addition are still unanswered for the public:

  • Must the organization strictly be calling about a government debt, or can they ask about non-government debt issues?
  • Is there a limit to how many times a certain consumer can be called per day?
  • Do other FDCPA regulations still apply in this situation or are the regulations essentially thrown out the window?
  • Will there be any regulations set for which private agencies can contact consumers about government debt?
  • Is the FCC’s Red Light Display under this same set of regulations for debt collection?

The FCC tracks debts owed by consumers to the government in their Red Light Display. If you would like further information about the Red Light Display, and other new FCC rules and regulations, click here.

This set of regulations has not come into effect yet. Further legislation must take place first.