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DISH Sued for $24B

Dish Network is currently facing up to $24 billion in illegal telemarketing fines. A federal trial against Dish Network began this week, spanning over four state governments, in the interest of holding Dish Network accountable for their practices.

The powerful cable company hired out a telemarketing company to make calls on their behalf without bothering to monitor the legality of the telemarketing company’s practices. Over 55 million illegal telemarketing calls and robocalls to mobile phones and landlines. The company claims that most of these calls were made almost a decade ago, and their telemarketing practices have undergone vast improvement. The other 46 states have already settled for a total fine of $6 million.

autohop adDish Network could end up paying $11,000 to $16,000 per violation, based on their blatant neglect for TCPA regulations. The hope of consumers affected by the company’s harassment is that this case will set an example to other companies to no longer neglect telemarketing laws and regulations.

The lawsuit began in 2009, with complaints dating back to 2008. 

This is not the first lawsuit involving Dish Network. Back in 2014, the company was sued over failing to provide satellite programming for consumers, after charging tens of millions of dollars for the service. Dish Network was also sued by FOX for their ad-skipping technology, AutoHop, for copyright infringement issues. The lawsuit began in 2012.